Elbex provides the world’s first integrated system for urban high-rise living.

From Residential Automation to Energy Reporting, Video Interphone, Home Services and Shopping Terminal – when it comes to vertical living, Elbex has thought of everything.

Hybrid Home Automation

Operating everything from lighting to air-conditioning, electric boilers, alarm systems and more, Elbex’s hybrid (optical-mechanical) residential automation is fully redundant, ensuring that everything in your home works perfectly. Always.

Energy Consumption Reporting


Providing real-time energy consumption data reports from every AC socket and switch. Efficient, effective and environmentally friendly, you’ll save up to 20% on electricity and help preserve the planet!

Plastic Optical Fiber Technology

elbex POF30
Versatile home automation and energy reporting based on patented POF technology. Flexible, easy to install via existing electricity infrastructures, the system is both non-intrusive and fully scalable.