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Our Solution – citimi™

A connected home ecosystem designed especially for the urban high-rise living.

We provide each dweller an all-in-one system covering home automation, energy management, video interphone,

security, e-commerce and delivery backed by over 400 patents and 350 products.


Designed to provide the simplest and quickest shopping experience- selecting, ordering and approving payment instantly from multi shops all combined into one bill and in one touch from your citimi touch-screen.

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Quick and easy access to a wide range of services, from the comfort of home. From medical, to emergency, security, maintenance and more.



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Comprehensive Video Interphone and security system, providing access control, coordination of alarm sensors, panic buttons & detector as well as connection to an e-concierge.


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Home Automation

Operating everything from lighting to air-conditioning, boilers, alarm systems and more, Elbex’s hybrid residential automation is fully redundant, ensuring that everything in your home works perfectly. Always.

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Smart Metering

Providing real-time energy consumption data reports from every AC socket and switch. Efficient, effective & environmentally friendly.

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System Overview

Connecting each dweller and the entire high-rise to the city

  • The Apartment’s Grid & Devices

    Intelligent electrical boxes supporting hybrid switches and sockets operating via a chain of plastic optical fiber (POF) cascaded between the boxes, mingled with the existing electrical wires in the same conduits.
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  • The Building’s communication infrastructure

    revisiting the video interphone infrastructure with a Low cost multi-signal twisted pair infrastructure that enables high speed communication for up to 999 units spanning over 300m / 1000ft.
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  • The Smart City

    Securely connecting all the building and its apartments to the city via one connection.
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Citimi™ was developed to address all the challenges of the connected home market- it is reliable, affordable, secure and easily installed.

  • Simple
    intuitive interface and easily installed devices.
  • Secure
    closed circuit POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) environment in every apartment.
  • Fail safe
    Hybrid switches & outlets are connected to the existing electrical wires and function as common switches in the event of automation failure.
  • Easy connectivity
    Connecting to any IoT device via the apartments’ distributer.

Elbex Company profile

Established in 1975, Elbex is co-managed from Tokyo and Tel Aviv with production facilities,
R&D and subsidiaries in selected countries.

Over 40 years of innovation – Elbex has a proven track record of successful development and commercialization of high-end innovative technology. Before shifting its core business to the Connected Home arena, Elbex developed, manufactured and distributed high-end Closed Circuit Television and Video Interphone systems, encompassing over 7,000, patents based, products and reaching 6% of the global CCTV market share.
over 350 products and 400 patents – installed in thousand of apartments, citimi’s 350 products are the result of 15 years of extensive R&D and over a decade of in-field technology enhancement and adaptation confirming the reliability of the system. Like all of Elbex’s products throughout the years, citimi is currently backed by over 400 worldwide patents.