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In 1975

Elbex was founded in 1975 in Japan and began developing and producing systems in the fields of professional video, CCTV and Video Interphone. The company established several R&D and production centers in Japan, China and Korea and established subsidiaries worldwide, including in the USA, China, Germany, Belgium, Israel, Australia and more.


In the 80s and 90s

Elbex focused its efforts predominantly on CCTV. It also introduced many innovative products and technologies based on its registered patents, creating a clear advantage for itself in the global marketplace. Elbex produced over 7000 products, an achievement that enabled it to supply CCTV systems for a wide variety of unique and technologically complex projects. Among them, the DOME camera, the very first of its kind to include built-in pan and tilt motors.


In the late 90s

Elbex channeled its marketing activities towards public and private institutes, installing CCTV systems in airports, prisons, nuclear power plants, military bases, refineries, industrial plants, shopping malls, traffic control centers, and more.
At that same time, the company implemented a wide range of projects around the world, including; the Shanghai airport, Prague subway system, a nuclear power station in Sweden and a number of prisons in Israel. Additionally, Elbex developed, manufactured, and delivered a unique CCTV system designed specifically for the Euro Shuttle, the underwater rail connection between Europe and England.


Since the year 2000

Elbex continues to develop innovative technologies dedicated to providing services and improving the quality of life for urban high-rise residents.

Elbex has brought all of the following technologies together in citimi™, a single, easy-to-use system – the world’s first integrated system for urban high-rise living:

divira – An integrated residential automation and video interphone system based on Plastic Optic Fiber technology.

hip – An energy consumption reporting system from every AC socket and switch.

1 – Your home shopping mall.

2 – Residential services at the touch of your fingertips.


Since 2011

Elbex has installed thousands of integrated residential automation and video interphone systems. With over 400 registered patents worldwide, the company continues to develop innovative technologies for high-rise buildings around the world.


Since 2018

Elbex Introduces The “Hiber” Lineup, Intelligent apartment grid providing electrical control and report from every switch and socket, replacing the apartment`s electrical wiring devices with hybrid switches and sockets operating both manually and remotely.

With The “Hiber” Lineup, Devices are controlled via cascading Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) drawn together with the electric wires, Allowing real-time power consumption reporting directly to the Smart Grid via the building`s infrastructure.

Elbex`s New “Hiber” Lineup reduces the installation cost of electrical wiring devices by 40%.

The following are a selection of Elbex’s milestones

The first independent manufacturer of video heads and testing equipment.



The world’s first camera with built-in motors.



Cameras for monitoring traffic, sea ports and airports – up to a distance of 5km



Signing the contract for the CCTV system at Shanghai Airport-the main control room.



Euro Shuttle-Unique CCTV system installed in the Euro-Shuttle running between Europe and England.



CCTV in the Prague subway system.



New video interphone system in New York – A project consisting of 89 buildings, with 178 entrances and 8760 apartments, all connected to a central concierge and security station.



The home automation revolution based on Plastic Optic Fiber (POF) for high-rise residential buildings.