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Home Automation

Home Automation: Full control of all your appliances in a single swipe.

Citimi’s innovative, fully integrated Divira® residential automation system is based on state-of-the-art Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) technology and designed to provide high-rise residents with user-friendly control and operation of every electrical appliance in the home.
Smart, intuitive and cost-effective, citimi gives you full control of lighting, air-conditioning, boilers, alarm systems, audio/visual, blinds and morefrom the convenience of your touch-screen.

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Smart Metering

Energy Saving & Reporting: Efficient, Effective & Environmentally Friendly.

citimi is designed for the green home of the future. Using the HybridSwitch™ and power outlets, citimi helps you view, regulate and reduce the amount of energy you use in the home.
The system is programmed to provide on-line power consumption data from every AC socket and switch, create reports and send information to the citimi touchscreen and external entities.
By implementing citimi into your high-rise apartment, you’ll save both up to 20% on electricity and help preserve the planet.

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Video Interphone

Video Interphone: Peace of mind via next generation apartment security.

Divira® Video Interphone system is specifically designed to provide full control over high-rise apartment security. With Divira inside citimi you can: view and control the entrances to your building; coordinate alarm sensors and detectors from a single hub and wirelessly operate a panic button connected directly to an external call center. Citimi even enables you toreceive text messages from a distant or local concierge.

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Residential Services

Concierge Services: Instant access to services from the armchair.

Citimi takes quality of living to the next level for high-rise residents, providing one-touch access to every kind of Homecierge® service within the home. From maintenance, tele-medical to at-home online alarm monitoring and instant emergency services, citimi keeps you in touch and in service at all times.

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Shopping Terminal

Shopping Terminal: The shopping experience of the future.

citimi brings high-rise apartment residents the ultimate shopping experience – fast, simple and secure purchasing from the comfort of your home. The first of its kind, citimi Shopping Terminal® is operated over a private network and based on patented technology.

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How It Works?

A Connected Home Ecosystem based on Plastic Optical Fiber

The first Connected Home system of its kind based on exclusive, patented POF technology. Running alongside existing electricity infrastructures, quick and easy to install and encompassing every electrical device in the apartment, Elbex’s Connected Home system is environmentally friendly, non-intrusive and fully scalable.

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