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Home Automation for High-Rise Living

Over the last decade, Elbex has focused its efforts on the development of several revolutionary technologies and introduced the new generation of Divira® residential automation designed for newly built high-rise apartments worldwide.

The Elbex Advantage

One System, Multiple Applications

citimi’s integrated system provides cost-effective, user-friendly and reliable Home Automation for control of lighting, air conditioning, electric heaters, blinds, audio/video, alarms and more from a touch screen, keypad, smartphone or tablet.The only system that also allows residents to view and control their regular electricity consumptionby receiving accurate, real-time power consumption data from every home appliance-AC socket and switch.

Fully Hybrid System – Opto-Mechanical Switches

Elbex’s patented and unique technology provides a hybrid electrical control system, both optical and mechanical. Our technology is based on Opto-Mechanical switches – SPDT relays operate parallel to the mechanical SPDT AC switches.

Exclusive, Patented Flexible Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) – The Complete Home Automation Infrastructure

The first Home Automation system of its kind based on exclusive, patented POF technology.

Running inside existing electricity conduits, quick and easy to install and encompassing every electrical device in the apartment, Elbex’s Home Automation system is environmentally friendly, non-intrusive and fully scalable – all key advantage points for contractors dedicated to clean, green and sustainable buildings.

Simple Installation & Programming

Designed for fast, easy installation by any electrician, this simple ‘Plug & Play’ system is effortlessly integrated into existing electricity infrastructures, enabling instant and full control over all appliances, within the apartment.

Built for convenience, the system can be easily programmed by any tenant, according to individual needs, without the need for professional communication technicians. All settings are done by rotary switches using a screwdriver only – no PC required.