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Multi-Layered Communication Network

Elbex’s three-layered home automation system is designed to lower utility costs, improve apartment security and provide maintenance and shopping services to high-rise residents via its:


1. Closed circuit network– Based on Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) enabling full control, regulation and monitoring of the apartment in addition to real-time power consumption reporting. The network can also be controlled remotely via smartphone or tablet over WIFI.


2. Building communication network– Full control of the video interphone system via touch screen. The network is built so that every screen in the apartment is connected via a twisted pair cable connected to the building’s central matrix. This unique technology enables secure communication between the building’s concierge desk and entrance panel. Video signals, audio, power and data are transmitted via the twisted pair cable only. The network also enables delivery of text messages to the touch screen in addition to the secure transmittal of alarm signals, emergency calls, and more, via a closed circuit connection between building residents to the main concierge.


3. Network linking the building matrix and gateway to a private e-Cloud– Enables to provide a wide range of reliable, secure external services. The network’s multi-layered structure allows for the separation of the private optical network inside the home (first layer) from its two additional layers. citimi only allows residents to operate and control the home automation system via private optical network while receiving building and e-Concierge services via the other external network.

An Environmentally Friendly, Patented Flexible Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) System

The first residential automation system of its kind based on exclusive, patented POF technology.


Running alongside existing electricity infrastructures, quick and easy to install and encompassing every electrical device in the apartment, Elbex’s home automation system is environmentally friendly, non-intrusive and fully scalable – all key advantage points for contractors dedicated to clean, green, sustainable buildings.


The system’s infrastructure is connected to a central router installed in the apartment’s electrical box. The router forwards system commands between the various applications while the system enables full control of electric shutters, lighting, air conditioners, electric boilers, and more.


The system enables full reporting on power consumption from every AC switch and socket in the apartment enabling significant energy savings. The, consumption data can be transmitted via the building’s matrix to the local utility company (if approved by the tenant).