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Cost Effective, Efficient & Conscious Energy Usage

Energy efficiency and the prudent use of electricity are a recognized sign of our times, affecting our daily habits, our pocket and most importantly, our planet’s sustainability.

The ongoing quest to save electricity and the rest of our planet’s resources has many countries providing its citizens with incentives to do just that.

Indeed, research shows that one of the most effective ways to save electricity is by showing electricity consumption data in real-time to residents, inside their apartments. The results speak for themselves – savings of up to 20% in energy usage and significantly reduced electricity costs. A win-win situation for all involved.

Real-time Electricity Consumption Data Measurement & Reporting from any Device – Your Own Personal Dashboard

Elbex has developed a patented technology designed to enable the real-time measurement, recording and reporting of energy-consumption data, from every AC socket and switch.

The innovative system automatically reports the electricity consumed by every device in the home (air-condition, washing machine, dryer, electric kettle, etc.) and displays that data in real-time, to the home owner or resident, via the citimi touch-screen display.

How it Works

citimi provides exact, precise and individual electricity consumption data, per electrical appliance (as opposed to data provided by utility companies based only on statistics or estimates). This real-time, real life data allows for the optimal management and cost reduction of individual electricity usage inside the home.

With information displayed clearly via dedicated software on the citimi touch-screen, power consumption usage levels are provided either in the form of a graph, pie chart or table, in addition to the cost of that power usage.

As a result, users can keep track of exactly how much electricity they use per individual appliance.

Finally, citimi both aggregates and automatically analyzes historical data, providing useful comparison reports designed to assist users to learn from past habits and correct them, ensuring more energy efficient electricity usage and lower electricity bills in the future.