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Citimi’s advanced products, devices and infrastructure for the high-rise living, connecting each dweller and the entire high-rise to the city

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Apartment –in wall intelligent electric boxes supporting hybrid
switches and sockets, allowing the dweller a full connected home solution.

Reducing the apartment’s electrical wiring

  • Elbex transformed the apartment’s century old electrical wall boxes into an intelligent grid, reporting real-time power consumption from every switch and socket, reducing the installation cost of electrical wiring by 40%
  • Introducing in wall intelligent electric boxes supporting hybrid switches and sockets, operating both manually and remotely, controlled via a cascading Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) mingled with the existing electrical wires in the same conduits.
  • The installment, control and operation of the electrical and A/V appliances are made to ensure utter reliability, maintaining the current electrical grid within each apartment.

Familiar Hardware, New Services

  • Elbex revisited the apartment’s video interphone monitors to provide entry control and security, connected home, detailed power consumption display and connectivity to various service providers, all from one place.
  • Elbex’s apartment monitor transmits the apartments’ data to the cloud via the building main communication unit and updated in return with purchase options, promotions and other services.

Elbex’s all-in-one solution offers many advantages for the high-rise dweller and Real estate developer.

Apartment advantages

  • Fail Safe
    Hybrid switches are connected to the existing electrical grid and function as common switches in the event of automation failure
  • RFID tags
    to identify all random appliances connected to the AC outlets
  • No IT expert required
    Devices and system are installed by electricians/ installers with minimal training and set up easily by dwellers
  • Cost Effective
    Reducing the installation cost of electrical wiring by 40%
  • Real-time & historical data display
    Appliance status, power consumption, services and app. Providing useful comparison reports designed to assist dwellers
  • Green
    Non radiating Plastic Optical Fiber fed together with electrical wires with no structural changes, offering dwellers to optimize their consumption
  • Secure
    all data is stored on the apartment unit itself (not online), transmitted in proprietary protocols via a closed circuit network
  • Connectivity to IoT
    Wi-Fi/RF, Bus-Line and IR automation devices/sensors
  • Simplified A/V system
    Cat-5 grid for audio/video with state of the art flat speakers – installed by electricians
  • Integration & information display from other sources such as
    gas, water, etc.

Building Infrastructure- High Speed, Secure and Simple Communication

Building Infrastructure

  • Elbex revisited the video interphone infrastructure to introduce high speed and non penetrable secure lines connecting the high-rise main communication unit directly to each apartment unit, at a low cost, using a single twist pair only
  • The low cost twist pair technology propagates video, audio and data signals including power feed (24/7) for up to 999 units simultaneously via cable length of over 220m (700 feet), eliminating the need for any cascading routers
  • Additional content, fixtures and services can be constantly and immediately updated and added-on via the building infrastructure.

Security & Emergency

  • The system provides direct communication between the building’s concierge desk/external service provider, entrance panels and the apartments
  • Monitoring fire, gas and security of the entire high rise and its apartments. Supporting fire, gas, motion and other sensors in addition to wirelessly operated panic buttons, directly notifying the dweller/building concierge/external service provider
  • Cost Effective
    Low cost twist pair infrastructure
  • Easy to install
    Setup and operate by electricians
  • Secure
    Non penetrable physical lines, communicating and responding to proprietary protocols only
  • Always ready
    Units are on stand-by by power feed via the single twist pair, ready for communication and updates continuously

The City- Connecting the high-rise dwellers directly to service providers via a closed circuit system.

Key Points

  • Connecting the apartment units to the building main communication unit and to the cloud, in a closed circuit
  • Service providers and financial institutions are all linked to the cloud, managed and monitored by a cloud data center
  • The automated closed circuit system connects the high rise dwellers directly to the various providers thus meeting the dwellers’ every day needs and substantially reducing the cost of provided goods and services
  • From medical services, virtual doorman, e-Concierge, elderly care, fire and security, all the way to fresh groceries, all via the secure and impenetrable closed circuit system

Benefits Overview


  • Cost reduction and energy efficiency at no extra cost
  • Reliable
  • All-in-one
  • Connectivity to IoT
  • Connectivity to Services
  • Secure & convenient
  • Easy to operate


  • Attractive price
  • All-in-one
  • Marketing advantage
  • Easy installations
  • Green codes benefits
  • Cost reduction – Plug & Play electrical wiring devices

bulet-3Service Providers

  • Information, Big data
  • One connection to multiple residents
  • Long term connectivity to apartments
  • Cost reduction
  • Easy maintenance