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Video Interphone – The Combined Touch-Screen

The citimi touch-screen also serves as a fully comprehensive Video Interphone and security system. Designed specifically for high-rise living, the Video Interphone enables residents to control access to the building, coordinate alarm sensors and detectors as well as wirelessly operate a panic button connected directly to an external call center.


The system includes a central expandable matrix (up to 999 apartments) which is also the major gateway to the building and enables communication to external service providers (medical services, maintenance, shopping, etc.).


The matrix can be expanded up to 15 independent communication channels in order to allow for simultaneous and independent calls from entrance panels and the concierge.


The system has many additional technological advantages including the ability to record images of the building visitors, solutions for the disabled and more.


The versatile concierge and guard unit offers efficient all around services including: entrance control, communication with tenants, alarms, interfacing of the building’s systems, CCTV and more. Touch screen display provides the guardsman/concierge with comprehensive cover all services, from alarm to medical to emergency and maintenance.